Meet Our Teachers

Dr Hamza Malik

Dr Malik is a senior Arabist. He completed his acclaimed thesis on Shaykh AbdulQadir al-Jilani and the Hanbali Madhab, translating from previously little known Arabic sources in the west.  Dr Malik continues to translate Arabic texts and lectures of prominent scholars from around the Arab world and is currently working with SOAS, University of London on the Quran Manuscript project.

Ustadh Naeem Rashid 

Naeem holds a first class degree in Arabic and Persian finishing first in his entire year group at SOAS, University of London. He has lived and studied in Syria and Yemen mastering the Arabic Language. Besides being a teacher and translator of Arabic for many years, Naeem is also a linguist with a good knowledge of Persian, Turkish, French and Mandarin Chinese. 

Ustadh Samer Dajani

Samer is a native Arabic speaker of Jordanian origin and Palestinian descent. Samer has worked as translator for a number of prominent Arabic speaking scholars as well as the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). He is currently undertaking a phd at SOAS University of London and translating a number of classical works from Arabic.

Ustadh Imad Ahmed

A Graduate of the University of Oxford, Imad is an experienced teacher of the Arabic Language having studied Arabic for many years at SOAS, University of London and at Oxford University as well as in Damascus, Syria.

Ustadh Anees Ahmed

Anees is a graduate of the University of Cambridge and is currently reading for his Phd at SOAS, University of London. Anees has lived in Egypt and Yemen studying the Arabic language and has memorised the entire Quran by heart. Anees has extensive classroom experience in teaching Arabic, including GCSE Arabic at a college of further and higher education. He has a good understanding of the specific challenges that English speakers encounter whilst learning the language.

Ustadha Sakinah Abdullah

Sakinah graduated from SOAS, University of London completing her degree in Arabic Language and Islamic Studies. She has also lived in Damscus, Syria studying at the University of Damascus and Jamiah Abu Noor. Sakinah is an experienced and enthusiastic teacher with a real passion for the beauty of the Arabic Language.