Why Choose Alif?

Alif, the beginning...The letter from which all letters proceed.

Alif is the beginning of the name of God: Allah the source of all creation, and is reflective of His unity and unicity.

The letter Alif is also particularly symbolic of the seekers:

“The people of God are compared to alifs: they are, like this letter ayat al bayyinat (signs of clear proofs) pointing to God, the one who has connected (allafa) all things and yet is isolated from all things”
- Yunus Emre

The Alif Arabic Institute is the culmination of a multitude of years of teaching the Arabic Language. We lay claim to having some of the best Arabic Teachers in the UK and our unique interactive immersion based approach makes learning easy, flexible and fun. Our structure has facilitated taking absolute beginners right through to fluency.  Indeed a number of our students have gone on to become recognised teachers and translators. See Our Teachers for more.

Unlike many other existing Arabic language schools and classes we offer you the opportunity of sitting and achieving the highest grades in nationally recognised qualifications such as GCSE and A’Level Arabic and through to graduate and post graduate degree level Arabic.

Furthermore our courses are some of the most reasonably priced and designed to make you progress at a good pace through our learning structure and methodology. Our friendly class environment is geared towards total immersion in the language, cognisant of nuanced individual learning trends and requirements.

Our class timings throughout the week allow you to study around your busy schedule and our classes are conveniently located in the heart of central London.

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