Why Learn Arabic?

"Learn Arabic, for it is of your Deen." – Umar ibn al Khattab

  • Arabic is the religious Lingua Franca of the Muslim World
  • Comprehend the Qur’an in its original language
  • Access Hadith literature and the classical works of Islam
  • Learn conversational skills straight away to help you interact in the Arab World
  • Add a further language to your repertoire to help enhance your business and employment prospects in the UK and abroad.

“Arabic is proving a language of both growing political and economical importance, considering the fiscal growth of the UAE and different Middle Eastern enterprises over the last two decades, The Arabic language is greatly sought after. The growth of Arab journalism as a serious source of information also suggests that the language is integral to any organisation which desires international reputability. Arabic adds a unique and strong enhancement to any CV and is fundamental to anyone who wishes to display a serious and relevant set of intellectual assets in today's world.”