Q1. What type of Arabic do you teach at Alif?

A: We teach (al-)fuṣ-ḥā or Classical Literary/Modern Standard Arabic, which is the literary language and lingua franca of the Arabic speaking world. For more info please see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modern_Standard_Arabic and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classical_Arabic


Q2. Are the classes open to everyone?

A: Yes our classes are open to everyone above the age of 14. Please note that as the classes are held in the same building that houses a mosque, respectful clothing and behaviour are expected.


Q3. How does your learning structure work in practice?

A: Our learning structure is designed to take absolute beginners with no previous knowledge of the Arabic language through to fluency and to the level of Arabic expected at post-graduate level. Along the way we prepare you for achieving high grades in nationally recognised qualifications, namely GCSE and A ‘Level Arabic. We do this through our six week-long levels (courses) which consist of  weekly, two hour hour long classes. Each level consists of approximately 12 hours of teaching time. Upon completion of each level we expect you to sit a test to confirm that you have mastered the material taught in that level. Upon successful passing of this test you will  be allowed to enrol on to the next level. If however in the event that you fail this test you will have to re-sit by attending the entire level again at only a thirdof the original course fee (£20).

There will be a break of 1-2 week(s) between levels to allow you to relax and absorb the material you have learnt.


Q4. What is your method of instruction/teaching?

A: We use an immersion based approach which is based upon the extensive experience of our teachers in facilitating English-speaking students in the mastering the Arabic Language. You may have previously studied Arabic only to be disappointed with confusing archaic teaching methods that do not place an emphasis on vocabulary acquisition and getting to really ‘feel’ and enjoy the Arabic Language. Our method focuses on the 4 core skills of mastering any language: Understanding (Comprehension), Speaking, Reading and Writing.

At Alif we see learning a language as a bit like constructing a building; besides the absolutely essential pre-requisite of forming a sound and strong foundation or base, successful construction requires the bricks and mortar which make up the building and the architectural plans and scaffolding which ensure its structural soundness. The acquisition of vocabulary i.e the learning and use of new words can be likened to the bricks and mortar and the scaffolding and architectural plans are symbolic of the grammar and rules of the language. Our methodology provides you with both.


Q5. Will I gain access to the Quran, Hadith and Islamic Literature in the Arabic Language through your programme?

A: Yes. You will have the opportunity of studying and translating such material in class in the further intermediate and advanced stages of our learning structure.


Q6. How much do you charge per level?

A: At Alif we are committed to providing high level teaching and instruction in the Arabic language for the lowest fees.  Each of our levels costs only £60 which works out to be £5 an hour of teaching time and is inclusive of all books and course materials, provided that you also pay the initial one-off £20 registration fee. You will find that this is one of, if not the most reasonable prices offered by any high-level language school/programme in London.

As mentioned, please note that there is a one-off £20 enrolment fee for new students which only needs to be paid once, in cash after your first class with us. This is needed inorder to cover the books, course materials and administrational costs for the level that you enroll on and also all future levels that you may wish to undertake with us. Existing registered students who have previously studied with us are exempt from this initial fee for all future levels.


Q7. Are your online payments for courses secured?

A: Yes. We offer you a choice of paying online via either PayPal or Google Checkout, both of which are trusted and secure methods of payment. We receive only your singular payment for the level you register for at any one time, and not your credit/debit card details.


Q8. Can I enroll on a level which has already begun?

A: No, if you do not enroll before the classes commence you will have to wait until the next round of classes (over 1 month).


Q9. Can I obtain a refund if I am unable to, or do not wish to attend further classes mid-way into a level?

A: Yes you may obtain a refund for the remaining classes that you have not yet attended up to 2 weeks into a level (round of classes), in the case that you need to leave early. However please note that if you have attended a class, the registration fee is non-refundable.


Q10. In the case that I fail the end of level exam or am unable to complete the course including sitting the exam due to other comittments, will I be allowed to repeat and re-sit that level?

A: Yes you may re-sit the level incase of failing to pass / sit the exam or attend the entire course by joining the next round of classes and paying one-third of the course fees (£20)


Q11. Are your classes segregated by gender?

A: No our classes are of mixed gender. However the classes are conducted in a mosque-complex with excellent adab.


Q12. What is the maximum number of students in a class?

A: In order to keep our classes sizes small we do not accept more than 15 students per class.